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Blue Blooming Perennials add beauty to any garden

Nikko Blue Hydrangea


 When planted in acidic soil, perennial Nikko Blue Hydrangea bushes produce spherical clusters of vivid blue blooms. Their color can be purple or pink when grown in more alkaline soil. Hydrangea bushes are hardy plants for Zones 4 - 8, relatively easy to grow. They are generally resistant to most diseases and pests. As long as the hydrangeas are planted in well-draining soil that gets partial shade during the hotter parts of the day, these beauties will provide bright blue blooms from spring to summer once they are established. Established hydrangea bushes can range between four to six feet, with bloom clusters of up to five inches across.


Virginia Bluebell


 The deep blue Virginia Bluebell is a lovely perennial that will grow well from Zone 3 to Zone 10. They tolerate both partial sun and full shade. These plants grow from about one foot tall to just under a yard, with each thick stem containing small clusters of bell-shaped flowers. Like hydrangeas, bluebell flowers will grow a bluer shade in more acidic soil and may go somewhat pink in alkaline soils. Because of their ability to spread quickly, they make good flowers for larger areas. Virginia Bluebells will put forth vivid blooms for about two months in the spring.



 Flowering Bluets are creeping perennials that produce small. There are four pedaled cross-shaped flowers ranging from pale blue to lavender, with white centers. The small foliage covers the ground in little mounds. These delicate tiny flowers, also sometimes called Azure Bluets or Quaker Ladies, tolerate partial sun and full shade and grow from Zone 3 to Zone 8. They bloom the most through the spring, but flowers may continue to appear through the fall season. The flowers may reach heights of up to six inches.

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