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 A perennial is a plant growing and blooming continuously throughout the year, with its appearance not changing much through time. One of the most important things to know about perennials is that they do not die out or need to be replaced unless the plant has been planted in a place that does not receive enough sunlight. Perennial plants create their root system by rooting through new branches or shoots, which can live for many years and provide continued growth.



 Green Blooming Perennials


 1. Pink Trillium


 Trillium is a perennial native to the North American continent and occurs in New England, Upper Midwest, and Canada. It is a bulbous plant that grows in rich topsoil to damp areas. Its leaves are unique in their shape, growing in the shape of a heart with long petioles. Trillium is easy to care for and blooms from June until mid-September. It will survive in the winter as long as it has enough moisture and light.


 2. Solomons Seal


 Solomons Seal is a perennial native to Eastern Asia in China, Japan, Korea, and Russia. Its flowers bloom in April and May, with the leaves growing to the ground. The flowers are unique as they have five separate petals, unlike others with around four or five petals. Solomon's seal grows slowly but will last for years if given proper care.


 3. Painted Trillium


 Painted Trillium is a perennial native to the Eastern United States and grows in rich loam soil. Painted trillium flowers from March to May with flower bulbs with five petals and white with purple speckles. Different Trillium flowers have been discovered, each having different petal colors and maturity rates.


 4. Bishops weed


 Bishop's weed is native to the Mediterranean countries but is also found throughout the eastern part of Canada and the United States. It grows best in rich, rocky soil and flowers from mid-summer to early fall. Like most plants, it requires a lot of sunlight to grow, but it can also adapt to harsher conditions.

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