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Pink Color Plants add a burst of color to your garden

The pink blooming plants have beautiful blossom colors. They add a burst of color to your garden and make it a little more personal with their pink blooms clinging to their stems in the springtime. These plants can be used in many different ways because they bring that signature style you need when pairing with other plants and flowers that may not be available year-round, such as ferns and lavender bushes. Pink blooming plants are usually hardy and easy to grow flowering plants that require little maintenance. They are considered an excellent alternative to traditional annual flowers, which require frequent replacement and can suffer from the effects of too much sunlight. If you are thinking of getting these pink blooming plants, Tree Nursery Co has a variety to choose from, such as:

Pink crape myrtle


 It is a beautiful flowering plant that will add drama and color to your garden. It also serves as an excellent shield from neighbors and unexpected guests. The leaves are evergreen in temperate zones. That means they will grow throughout the year, even with frigid winters. It will provide you with years of enjoyment with minimal effort without any need for maintenance or pruning.

Pink Trillium


 It is a beautiful flower that is very popular for landscaping and gardening. The flowers are pink, and they look like tiny bells. They're related to the lily and grow in clusters of three. The flowers open in the daytime and close at night to attract pollinators such as hummingbirds or butterflies during the day while discouraging predators at night. That makes Pink Trillium an ideal choice for gardens because it does not need maintenance.

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