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Purple/Lavender color plants perfect for your garden

3 Purple Color Plants You Will Need This Spring 

Did you know that purple is the color of royalty? It can be mellow, vibrant, regal, and fun for spring (all at once)! Therefore, opt for these lush and eye-catching color perennials if you want a beautiful garden. After all, how could you say no with spring coming around the corner?


 If you wish to learn more about purple perennials, how to care for them, and how they can enhance your garden, continue reading.


Annuals Versus Perennials


 First, it's essential to discuss the difference between annuals and perennials. Perennials, unlike their floral counterparts, can bloom over and over. As the name implies, Annuals typically bloom for only one season each year, such as spring, summer, or fall. 


 Perennials can live a very long time when grown in favorable conditions, though their lifespan can vary depending on weather and planting conditions. While some perennials can live up to five years, others may live a shorter life of one to two years. 


 Lastly, perennials will differ in care. Water deeply, and ensure a neat edge on your flower bed. Also, note the soil should not be overly wet or dry. 


 So, why choose perennials anyway? First, they are a good investment as they bloom year after year. Also, most perennials will require less water once planted, which can be especially favorable for gardeners living in areas prone to drought. Think Texas, California, or Arizona! These gardeners will use less water but will also notice that they'll create an excellent area for bees and local wildlife. The perennials will also add a beautiful splash of color to your garden, as these flowers and plants come in beautiful and vibrant shades from rose to purple. 


3 Types of Purple Perennials You Will Need This Spring!


 Are you thinking of investing in some purple perennials? Here are some of the most beautiful blooms to plant in your garden. You know the benefits now, so it's time to narrow down your selection since several are to choose from. For starters, consider the Coneflower Plant. These flowers are sweet and come in a shade of deep lavender. The Blazing Star plant is edgier but can make an excellent addition to your garden. The Milkweed plant can grow up to six feet tall! It has a slightly rougher texture but is perfect for the home gardener.

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