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Red Blooming Perennials are sure to add a splash of brightness to any landscape


 Looking for something to add some color to your garden this spring? Check out our selection of red blooming perennials! These plants are sure to add a splash of brightness to any landscape. From vibrant roses to cheerful geraniums, we have a variety of plants that will turn your garden into a beautiful display of red flowers.


 1) Geranium


 Geraniums, also known as cranesbills, are a classic favorite. This variety of geranium is one of the most popular bedding plants due to its beautiful colors and ease of use. Geraniums make excellent cut flowers, too!


 2) Lobelia Cardinalis


 Lobelia cardinalis is a popular ornamental plant that is an excellent hummingbird attractant! It produces vibrant red flowers that will catch the eye of any birdwatcher. They attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other animals with vibrant colors and sweet scents.


 3) Red Daylily


 Red Daylilies can quickly grow from seed and produce flowers for five weeks. Their bright, red flowers are a sure sign of spring. They grow to about 60-80 cm in height and are ideal for use as a border, foundation plantings, or filler in containers. Keep them well-watered, and they will reward you with abundant blooms from spring through summer.


 4) Red Trillium


 You can use these beautiful red and yellow flowers to brighten a landscape or put them in a vase. Their stunning colors and elegance make them a great addition to any garden. In addition, their leaves are edible, making them perfect for planting in the herb garden. 


 5) Sweet Betsy Trillium Planting


 Sweet Betsy Trillium is a beautiful flower ideal for naturalizing in your garden. Their pink and red flowers cover the plant all summer, making them a great addition to any landscape. It is unique because it is one of the few plants that can produce flowers in shade or sun. It works well in rock gardens, ground cover, or borders.

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