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Flowering Plants That Are Easy to Grow 


 Are you looking for ways to adorn your garden with some beautiful blooming trees without much of a hustle? Here are some flowering trees that are also easy to grow.


Flowering Dogwood


 The flowering dogwood is available in different categories, including red, pink, and white. It is a tree that can also be grown in containers. Flowering dogwoods will add beauty to your garden or yard all year round, even when not flowering.


Tree of Heaven


 If you want something that will grow fast and need little attention, then the Tree of heaven is the one for you. It is a small, deciduous tree that grows in most soils and prefers sunlight. The Tree of heaven adds beauty to your garden, especially in late summer when its flowers bloom and produce seeds that attract birds and other wildlife.


Redbud Tree


 It is another beautifully blooming tree that produces pink-rosy blooms in spring. The leaves of the redbud are also very colorful. At first, you'll see reddish-purple, then dark green, and finally, turn yellow in fall. The plant prefers partial to full-shade exposures.


Kousa Dogwood


 If you love some white and pink colors in your garden during spring, then kousa dogwood is a perfect pick for you. The blooms of this Tree are just unbelievably beautiful, and the plant will provide you with good-quality wood as well. It will also produce fruits in summer and reddish-purple foliage in summer.




 You can find hibiscus in different species, including dwarf, tea tree, and shrub types. Hibiscus prefers rich soil with partial shade exposures. The hibiscus flowers make perfumes and can also be found in some teas. Flowering Hibiscus is available in purple hibiscus, red hibiscus, white hibiscus, and pink hibiscus. There is a variety to choose from, so it's up to you.

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