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TN Nursery has many trees that are shipped to California, such as the Dogwood, sumac, river birch, and the beautiful blooming crabapple.


With over ten years of experience, supply chain specialists, and trained experts, we warmly welcome TN Nursery customers and planters alike.


TN Nursery has a large variety of trees that are shipped to California. Some of their best-sellers are Dogwood, sumac, river birch, and the beautiful blooming crabapple that can be seen on the TN Nursery website.



A large Selling State: California


If you are looking for a Dogwood, Sumac, River Birch, or a beautiful blooming crabapple, these are all available from TN Nursery.


We are a family-owned nursery in TN that ships a variety of trees to California. From dogwoods, sumac, and river birch to the beautiful flowering crabapple, TN Nursery is your one-stop-shop for all of your planting needs. Learn more about us, browse our website for hundreds of varieties from only the most reputable growers in the country.


Tall Native Evergreen Trees grow in wet areas, sun, or heavy shade. We have all common native evergreens for wet areas, including Dogwood, sumac, river birch, and the beautiful blooming crabapple: high elevation natives and a great selection of pond pine, sequoia, and Jeffrey pine.


We at TN Nursery have a large variety of trees shipped to California. If you need a tree delivered, we can deliver your tree to any part of California.


TN Nursery provides safe and secure trees for California. Check out our exciting selection of crabapple trees, Dogwood, sumac, and blooming crabapple trees. They provide fruit and produce that is used all around the country.


TN Nursery comes from a small southern town in Tennessee and ships trees, shrubs, and other plants to California. Plants for California catalog includes trees, shrubs, bushes, herbs, and ground cover that are easy to grow in California. The dogwood trees are presented in


We deliver throughout California with its large variety of shrubs, trees, and plants. They can guarantee that any order will be healthy and flower beautifully in your yard.


TN Nursery has a great collection of trees from the four corners of the country.


California plants are well suited to the state's climate and can help beautify your home or business. TN Nursery has a large variety of California plants shipped directly to California residents, including the Dogwood, sumac, river birch, and the beautiful blooming crabapple. Our large selection of trees includes a range that will please anyone looking for a beautiful new tree for their yard.


At TN Nursery, we offer plants for California such as the Dogwood, sumac, river birch, and the beautiful blooming crabapple. We also have services such as free consultation, honest advice, and fast delivery so you can get your trees quickly.


Celebrate spring with the blooming crabapple! TN Nursery is your source for quality trees for all of our friends out west. Our plants are shipped straight from the farm to you; We have a large selection of trees ready to ship from Dogwood and sumac to river birch and blooming crabapple. The changing of the seasons comes with beautiful weather and the beauty it brings with it. Have that same beauty right in your backyard with our beautiful selection of flowering trees!


TN Nursery has a large variety of trees shipped to California and the surrounding areas. TN Nursery can ship trees of all sizes, shapes, and colors year-round.

 Our nursery specializes in dogwoods, crabapples, sumacs, and river birches. We also offer other plants, trees, and shrubs from all over the United States.


The TN Nursery plants for California have the most beautiful trees and flowers for the Golden State. TN Nursery offers hard-to-find tree species that can be shipped to California's climate.


Whether you reside in California or have friends and family who live there, TN Nursery is your one-stop-shop for the full trees on the west coast.


TN Nursery can ship out the large variety of trees used in your garden. Ensuring they make it to your home on time and safe! We want to keep you posted on all the news within the TN Nursery family!


Tennessee Nursery ships tree directly to your door. Let us know your location in California, and we will quickly point you in the right direction. If a dogwood or fruit tree is what you want, we also have those.


Tn Nursery offers a wide variety of beautiful, hardy, and easy to grow. When you want to add a new member to your garden, Tn Nursery has plants just right for California.


With California's weather, it is ideal for growing various plants. California's mild climate and ample sunshine provide a perfect backdrop for growing all types of trees, shrubs, and plants that thrive in the state.

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