Privacy Hedges


Privacy Hedges are perfect for areas needing a screen or fence

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Privacy Hedges

1. Burning Bush

2. California Privets

3. Hills Privets

4. Nine Bark Hydrangea

5. Witch Hazel


If you want privacy or add an element of beauty to your garden, these privacy hedges are the ideal option for you! Perfect for any space, this well-known plant can grow up to 4 meters high, making it one of the most popular options available! See below for more information on why these hedges make the perfect addition to any household!

When it comes to adding privacy and greenery to your property, numerous options are available. But not all of them will serve you equally well. Five types of hedges tend to be more durable than others—and they're also a more aesthetically pleasing way of creating a sense of separation from your neighbors.



Privacy Hedges are also used around pools, property lines and homes


If you want something a little more natural than a traditional fence or wall, consider adding some shrubbery. Many different types of shrubs can provide privacy and also look great:

English Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), Privet Hedging (Ligustrum spp.), Silverberry (Elaeagnus commutata), and Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) are just a few examples. These hedges can be pruned into specific shapes not to take up too much space.

There are two main types of hedging plants available for purchase: evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen shrubs are generally known for their ability to remain fresh year-round. Deciduous shrubs also lose their leaves in winter and spring, usually replacing them with green foliage during summer and fall months. If you're looking for privacy in your own home or office, consider a privacy hedge that features a mixture of both options. This will allow it to maintain its leaves year-round without losing aesthetic appeal or visual interest when it does lose its leaves at other times of the year.


You have certain expectations when you plant a privacy hedge in your home or garden. You want it to grow over time into a large barrier of bushes that hides your private areas from nosy neighbors and strangers passing by. When deciding how big you want your privacy hedge to be, remember that these plants need sunlight and water, just like all other forms of life. If you plant them too close together, they will choke each other out and eventually die. On top of that, if they don't receive enough sun, they won't be able to grow tall enough to give off their protective canopy so take measurements when you plant them and also keep a close eye on progress as they mature.


When you install privacy hedges, it's important to get an accurate size of your garden and how you want your hedge to look. You can determine how many plants will be needed for your hedge and also ensure that there is enough space left around each plant for growth. A quick sketch or picture from a photo can help remind you in the future if anything looks off while you are setting up your hedge, so it's a good idea to have these handy. When choosing which plants you would like in your privacy hedge (or formal garden hedge), think about how high and wide they will grow at maturity and make sure they are suitable for where they will be planted.


Privacy Hedges are the #1 Staple In Design

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