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Ground Covers - 25 Plants


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Transform The Landscape With Ground Covers

Ground covers are a group of plants that grow low to the ground and spread horizontally to cover the soil. They are commonly used for landscaping, providing an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass lawns. Here are some essential things to know about these plants.

They offer several benefits to the landscape:

They help to stop soil erosion by keeping the soil in place with their root designs. This can be especially important on slopes or areas with poor soil quality.

These plants can reduce the maintenance required for a yard, as they generally require less watering, fertilizing, and mowing than a traditional lawn.

They can add visual interest and texture to a landscape, as various plants with different colors, shapes, and textures are available.

Types of Ground Covers

Many plants are available, each with unique characteristics. Some famous examples include:

Creeping Thyme: A low-growing, aromatic plant with tiny pink, purple, or white flowers.

Sedum: A succulent plant that comes in various colors and textures and is drought-tolerant.

Creeping Phlox: A colorful plant with tiny, star-shaped flowers in colors pink, purple, or white.

Ajuga: A shade-loving plant with dark green leaves and blue or purple flowers.

Periwinkle: A fast-growing plant with glossy green leaves and blue or purple flowers.

Choosing the Right Ground Cover Plant

When selecting a ground covers for your terrain, you must consider factors such as the amount of sun or shade the area receives, the type of soil, and the climate. Some plants are better suited to sunny, dry areas, while others prefer shade and moist soil. Additionally, some plants are more cold-hardy than others, so choosing a variety that can survive the winters in your area is essential.

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As most seasoned gardeners and landscapers know, they are ideal for that extra color and woodsy feel.

They are excellent in difficult gardening areas like walkways, hillsides, edging, and erosion control. They come in a great variety of textures and colors. Some are drought-resistant, and others are perfect for lining the hidden stone walkways.

They range from small cropped mounds to tall lush grass. The colors range from the darkest green to the brightest yellow. Some plants are evergreens and keep their bristles all season, while others lose their leaves seasonally.

If you live in a dryer area where drought is an issue, you cannot go wrong with planting some thyme; it is hardy in zones 5-9 and grows best in well-drained soil. Thyme has a beautiful fragrance and does flower.

Ground Covers Are Hardy

Add some thyme to your walkway to enhance the beauty of your yard; remember that thyme does best in full sun. If you want an excellent ground cover to border that hidden path to your secret garden, try Periwinkle.

It is best in zones 4-8 in moist, rich, well-drained soil. The periwinkle vine enjoys the shady areas of your yard; flowers typically appear in mid-spring.

This ground cover can reach heights of 6 to 12 inches; accent trees and shrubs by planting this in the shade of the branches. Ajuga, best in zones 5-9, are evergreen ground covers that form in small clumps or mounds; they create small button-like flowers that typically stay around 3 inches high.
This plant is in moist but well-drained soil. Every garden or yard is complete with a ground cover plant's woodsy presence. With so many varieties, you can find a suitable plant for every area of your yard.

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