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Red Oak Tree Seedlings Description

Red Oak Tree 

The Red Oak Tree is also known scientifically as Quercus rubra. This is a stately tree with some that offer fantastic shade and brilliant fall foliage to your garden landscape.

Red Oak Trees are native to the northeast coast of the United States. This tree is a large one and can grow to be 75 feet tall and live from 150-550 years. This tree is best grown in large landscapes with a spacious area for its root system to grow. As a centerpiece in your garden landscape, the Red Oak Tree will bring many years of excellent color and shade to your larger landscaped area.

Red oak tree care and maintenance

Plant your Red Oak Tree Seedling in a place that receives plenty of sunlight since this tree requires complete to partial sun to thrive. If you plant your Red Oak Tree Seedling near another tree, ensure it is well-spaced since it must get direct sunlight. This tree thrives best in sandy, well-drained soil that is somewhat rich and acidic. Red Oak Tree seedlings' roots need room to flourish, so you should layer more than an inch of soil over the roots. As your tree establishes and matures in its first several years, you must water it weekly, especially during dry periods. As it matures, this tree requires 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter. Once your Red Oak Tree is established, mother nature will take care of the rest. This tree is frost-resistant and can handle the cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers of the northeast United States. 


The Red Oak Tree is enjoyed by pollinators such as the Juvenal's dusky wing, Clymene moth, imperial and rosy maple moths, and the banded hairstreak. It will also attract squirrels and other tree-climbing mammals and birds that make for an enjoyable viewing experience. With little to no maintenance and long hardy life, if planted correctly, your Red Oak Maple will be a central tree in your garden sanctuary for years to come.


Red Oak Tree Seedlings are now available at TN Nursery at a low price with fast shipping.



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