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Royal Fern 

 Royal Fern distinguishes itself from other ferns by growing quite large, and it can be planted in a landscape to represent a hedge. If appropriately tended to grow to its full height, it is excellent to use for obscuring certain parts of a yard. It is easy to grow and maintain and works well in groups or as a stand-alone accent.


Royal Fern  SCIENTIFIC NAME: Osmunda regalis


Royal Fern, or Osmunda regalis, is a deciduous, perennial fern suitable for landscaping near water features or in consistently moist areas. Royal Fern is a beautiful addition to any landscaping job and is easy to maintain while also being pest and disease resistant. Known for the large, clump-like bushes that feature bright green fronds with a silvery touch, these ferns are an excellent long-term selection for landscaping projects that will develop into mature plants over several seasons.


 Enjoying partial to full shade, Royal Ferns are a great way to add some greenery to an otherwise dark corner of your yard when well-maintained Royal Ferns are a great base layer to grow other garden favorites such as orchids or trellised roses and are resistant to grazing animals like rabbit and deer.


 On their own, Royal Ferns may grow to around two meters in height and one meter wide. Only light care is needed for these ferns, with minimal pruning needed each fall. Water is a genuine concern for these plants, making them ideal for a pond’s edge, in soil that is always damp, or near a gutter downspout.


 You are no more pondering what to do about that shady, wet corner of your garden. Royal Fern is the perfect candidate featuring low maintenance, incredible pest and damp resistance, and minimal yearly care.


  Royal Fern is found in wet areas and has majestic, lance-like fronds.


Royal Fern is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa and does best in acidic soils. The scientific name Osmunda is derived from the Saxon god Osmunder the Waterman, who supposedly hid his family in a group of these ferns. Like most ferns, the Royal Fern will do best in partial to full shade. It requires wet, acidic soil. Another feature that differentiates the Royal Fern from other ferns not in the Osmunda group is that not all of its fronds will bear spores on the underside of the leaves. Instead, spores will only appear on a specialized group of fronds. This deciduous fern will sport fronds with a slightly pinkish hue when young.

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