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Plants We Ship In Dormant Season November Through April [trees], [shrubs], [berry plants] 

TN Nursery continues to ship many trees, shrubs, and berry plants during the dormant season of November to April. We provide this option because it's best to transplant these plants in the fall or early spring when they're dormant and outdoor temps range between 31 and 58 degrees F to reduce root-based transplant shock. 


 With this guide, we cover common plants that homeowners and landscapers can transplant during the dormant season:




 During these times, the least active trees are elm, maple, oak, and pine trees, including American Elm, Red Maple, Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, Black Oak, Chestnut Oak, Red Oak, and White Oak, Loblolly Pine and Longleaf Pine. If you want to improve your landscape with trees that flower in springtime, we recommend Black Cherry, Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, and fruiting Cherry, Peach, and Pear trees. 




 A wide variety of shrubs do well in colder months. Shrubs perfect for transplantation during the dormant season include Black Chokeberry, Red Chokeberry, Muskogee Crape Myrtle, Burning Bush, and Northern Privet. You might also consider Arrowwood, Black Haw, Japanese Snowball, and Maple Leaf viburnums.


 Berry Plants


 Many types of plants that we sell year-round, including several varieties of bushes, have berries. That said, if you want to add edible berries to a greenhouse, indoor pots, or a landscape, we ship those as well since the best time to transplant them is again when temperatures are above freezing and cooler. Popular berry plants include Blackberry, Chickasaw Blackberry, Dewberry, Low Bush Blueberry, Black Raspberry, and Raspberry.


 The plants we've outlined represent only a tiny portion of our dormant season catalog. Knowledgeable staff members can help you learn more about all available options and our "bare root" shipping policy that guarantees you receive healthy plants at an affordable price. For more information or to make an order, contact us by phone or via our convenient online email submission form.

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