At Tn Nursery, you'll find a wide variety of shrubs, like flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs, and hedges

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1. Japanese Snowball

2. Red Hibiscus

3. Pink Hibiscus

4. Spiraea

5. Red Weigela

Find ideas and inspiration for your yard, with information about choosing plants for Size: Shrub size Dense foliage Plants for shade Groundcover.


You can't go wrong with shrubs. We've got a variety of flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs, and hedges. And many would look good in your yard, depending on where you live – from Alaska to Florida to the Pacific Northwest.

For good looking garden, good all year round, turn to our wide selection of shrubs.


 Choose from various flowering and evergreen shrubs, plus hedges for an instant yard makeover. Evergreen shrubs add immense beauty to any size of space.

Our shrubs, evergreen, and hedges are grown from bare rootstock and supplied in various nursery packs.

Plants are also available for purchase online for garden centers that have missed the plants in their store (orders usually arriving within 48 hrs). 


The plants in our range have been selected for their ability to be grown quickly by even inexperienced gardeners. All recommendations and information on how to grow plants are provided on the plant tags supplied with each plant.


Evergreen shrubs and hedges form the backdrop of your garden while flowering shrubs add an element of color. Whether you're looking to maximize your privacy or want a bright yet natural finish at the front of your house, we've got all the shrubs you need to grow a beautiful garden.


At, we offer a wide variety of shrubs, flowering shrubs, and hedges to choose from. When you shop our extensive selection of decorative shrubs, you can find a suitable plant for your needs. 


The Garden Grocer is very proud to offer a nice variety of hardy and maintenance-free perennials, including flowering shrubs such as spring-flowering shrubs, fall-blooming shrubs, evergreen shrubs, arborvitae, boxwood, cedar hedges, and many more.


All shrubs and hedges are packed in premium composted soil in recycled boxes. The large shrubs get three small pots, and the minor/medium-sized shrubs get two small pots per pack.


If you're looking to enhance your home's backyard or front yard, then look no further than the wide variety of shrubs, hedges, and flowering shrubs at Our shrubs are available in various colors and textures, ranging from the ground cover fountain grass to the deciduous dogwood tree. 


When shopping for shrubs for your yard, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Our plant collection is the perfect foliage for any garden; our plant collection contains everything from low-growing shrubs to tall trees, compact conifers to large broad-leaved evergreens. 


If you are a novice gardener or just starting your landscaping project, make sure you take a look at our extensive shrub collection!


If you're allergic to pollen and prefer more privacy in your yard, consider planting some flowering shrubs around your property. 


If you want the perfect plants to fill a particular spot in your garden, you will find them here. Is it a relatively sunny spot getting only 6 hours of sun per day in spring and summer?


Look for an upright shrub with medium to fine texture and an arching growth habit (or prune it to that shape). Is it a shadier or moist site getting 18 hours of sun per day? 


Look for a mound-shaped shrub with coarse-textured leaves. You will also find color guides along with shrubs rated for their hardiness, showiness, fragrances, and other traits. In addition, there are plants listed according to height, from small ground covers to stately trees reaching 80 feet tall.

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