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Specialty Plants

Specialty Plants such as those that attract butterflies, birding plants, fragrant plants, and aquatic and mosquito repellent plants are a must-have in any home garden landscape.

TN Nursery has a large supply of Specialty Plants, including edible plants for your edible plant garden requirements, butterfly and bird-friendly gardens, and fragrant plants for attracting pollinators. TN Nursery also has Specialty Plants in unique categories, such as aquatic plants for ponds, aquariums, and lakes, and aquariums, as well as beautiful ornamental grasses, to add color and brightness to your backyard garden landscape.

TN Nurseries Best Selling Specialty Plants include 1. Goldenrod Plants, 2. Butterfly Plants, 3. Ajuga, 4. Yarrow and 5. Aster.

TN Nursery also provides detailed landscape installation and plotting of Specialty Plants such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Turn your garden landscape into a country-cottage oasis with our vast array of Specialty Plants.

 Considerations for using Specialty Plants

With so many Specialty Plants to choose from, we recommend the following for diverse garden landscape settings. For forest or woodland-type garden settings, Specialty Plants create multiple layers in a canopy shape, such as smaller deciduous trees and shrubs and herbaceous plants of different heights.  For landscapes that require a filler, Specialty Plants such as ornamental grasses should be the foundation of a design that also showcases flowering perennials. These Specialty Plants will make your garden elegant and unique. Specialty Plants in the ornamental grass categories are low-maintenance yet provide a spectacular collection of color and texture for growing in your garden with little effort.


Indoor vertical and container gardens will do well with Specialty Plants such as ferns and mosses, while flowering Specialty Plant vines will create a lush ground cover and visual appeal to place in your home garden landscape that requires a pick me up. Specialty Plants such as herbs and vegetables that are hard to find, difficult to grow, or grow out of season, are prized by gardeners and gourmet cooks alike. These Specialty Plants may include heirlooms, organics, odd shapes, odd sizes, shapes and colors, or new Specialty Plant varieties. 

 Specialty Plant selection for your home garden landscape should always be researched as to the type of specific Specialty Plant specimens that are best for your specific garden and growing needs. Specialty Plant trees, for example, are slow growers, so you will have to be patient in reaping the benefits of planting them. Specialty Plant shrubs will grow more rapidly than trees and offer a similar appeal when planted in concert with Specialty Plant trees. These categories of Specialty Plant shrubs and trees include flowering, fruiting, leaf-changing, and pollinator-attracting trees and shrubs.


Specialty Plant selections for different parts of your garden landscape that are adjacent to the house must be made carefully. Certain Specialty Plant shrubs are good choices for foundation plantings since the shrubs will remain compact and require minimal maintenance. Choosing Specialty Plants that are also appealing to the eye and have a lovely fragrance, place these types of flowering plants in a Specialty Plant category all to themselves.


When creating a landscape plan, ensure that you understand exactly what type of Specialty Plant goes best with others and which seasons are best for your choice of Specialty Plants. For example, you should plant an Oak Tree seedling with other Specialty Plant trees of its nature, given that this tree thrives best in cooler climates, rather than attempt to place it with a tropical type Specialty Plant like a flowering hibiscus. This will make your garden specific to the type of maintenance you will have to do as your Specialty Plant garden grows.


Specialty Plants are available at TN Nursery at low prices with fast shipping.

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