Tn Nursery Was Featured on Forbes

Tn Nursery Was Featured on Forbes

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 10, 2022

CEO at Tn Nursery Is Featured On Forbes

Tammy Sons is a Tennessean who grew up in Tennessee. As a young person with a dream, Tammy pursued a career in horticulture at Tennessee Technical University. Upon graduating, Sons began her online nursery company, Tn Nursery, where she acts as the company's CEO.

Not everyone may have a passion for the environment to the extent of writing about it and starting a company that primarily informs the general public on the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable environment. On the contrary, some individuals are hellbent on destroying the environment. The good thing is that we have people who will strive to maintain a clean environment. One such individual is Tammy.

Tn Nursery's CEO Contribution as a Writer

Tammy's commitment and desire to offer guidance to people has seen her write for numerous companies such as Forbes Publication, Entrepreneur, and Newsweek. Her articles have significantly impacted her followers or anyone looking for tangible information on different topics. For instance, her contribution has been featured on Forbes. In addition, her recent article "3 Key Ways to Be a Successful Business Owner in 2022 and Beyond" was recently posted on The article lists three vital aspects that Tammy believes business owners should consider implementing if they want to succeed.

According to Tammy, business owners should align their brand values with those shared by their customers. This is vital because it allows business owners to identify what their customers need, thus tailor-making services that meet their customer's preferences.

Another essential aspect that Sons mentions in her article is the ability of business owners to be pivotal. Tammy believes business owners should study and understand their target market and utilize the available resources. In other words, business owners should not be comfortable simply because their businesses are doing fine. On the contrary, such business owners should stay focused and pay attention to current trends.

Managing money effectively is another vital trait that Tammy believes business owners should possess. When managing their source of funds, business owners should have basic money management skills such as budgeting. Additionally, business owners should watch their finances even though professionals may be hired to do so. This is vital because it will allow business owners to identify when their business is flourishing and doing the opposite.

About Tn Nursery - Online

TN Nursery offers Tennessee and countrywide residents a wide array of options for choosing plants for their gardens. For instance, you can choose from various trees, shrubs, specialty plants, berry plants, moss, and perennials. In addition, each of these plantations comes with different prices, thus giving you a wide array of shopping options based on your preferences. The good thing about the website is that it allows shoppers to find their preferred types of plants by using the "plant finder" option. Additionally, based on your location, Tammy's website can help you identify the top-selling plants based on your location.

TN Nursery's website has been designed so that shoppers can create an account, place an order, and pay for it in the comfort of their homes. Apart from this, the purchased plantations can be shipped to your doorstep for free. However, you should ensure that the products you buy are under the 'Now' or 'Spring' categories. This is because the online nursery has ongoing discounts on specific orders. There is also a category of plants shipped year-round and others from November through April. This is a crucial point to consider since you don't want to buy a plant that can only be grown in July.

To ensure that you get the freshest trees, shrubs, specialty plants, or berry plants, Tammy's online nursery digs up these plants once an order has been placed. More so, this is done during the dormant season, when most plants are still in their early stages of growth.

Plant-Based Gift Certificates

When shopping at Tammy's website, you can choose to buy gift certificates and gift them to your friends and family members. The gift card certificates are similar to the regular gift card, with the only exception being that they are designed with plant images engraved in them. Like the plants, you can buy gift cards by choosing from the available categories and sending them to your friends.

Zones Supported

Plants sold at Tammy's online store can be grown in different zones, with the most common ones being zone 3 to zone 10. The wide variety of zones present in this store is of great advantage since plants grow well in particular zones but do poorly in other zones. Therefore, regardless of where you might be located, you can rely on Tammy's online nursery store to get the perfect plants that will do well in your region.