Tn Nursery  Reviews - CEO Got Published on Entrepreneur

Tn Nursery Reviews - CEO Got Published on Entrepreneur

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 10, 2022

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery (TN Nursery), a family-run nursery that has been in operating in the middle portion of the state for nearly seven decades, was recently featured on The nursery's current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tammy Sons, authored the feature article about the successes self-sustainable food producers have had during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has also authored other pieces about sustainable agriculture and business that also have implications for future companies' operations.

What You Should Know About Our Nursery's Operations

A lot has changed since TN Nursery first went into business. Third-generation owners now operate the company. The nursery's current CEO has benefitted from learning from her predecessors' trial and error experiments in growing flowers, shrubs, trees, and plants. This insight, coupled with her formal education, has allowed her to master the science necessary to operate a thriving horticultural business. This knowledge honing has led to the nursery becoming the leading mail order shipper of Grass, perennial, aquatic or wetland, native, and garden plants.

Vines Grasses Wildflower and bare-root trees Flowers Moss Ferns Shrubs

The nursery's family owners have also learned a great deal about building its customer base

e while offering high-level customer service to retail and wholesale consumers. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality plants, offering competitive pricing and fast delivery of its products. Its ownership attributes the nursery's success to its focus on value and high-quality service. Tammy Sons' knowledge in running the nursery has given her great insight into environmental issues and business, which she discusses as an Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor. Some of her most recent pieces are accessible: Click Here.

The Future of Sustainable Food

One article that Sons recently wrote highlighted the plight of sustainable food-supply businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. Sons chronicled how growers that proved themselves capable of meeting local communities' nutritional needs have so far fared well during the pandemic compared to other industries such as education and commercial real estate. Self-sustainable growers, including those that eschew the use of non-renewable energy, don't further pollute the environment, and are fiscally responsible, tend to have done the best.

Strategies for Creating a Successful Business Venture

Other knowledge imparted by Sons in other pieces published on the Entrepreneur site center around how to prioritize employee safety following the Covid-19 pandemic. She suggests that employers need to spend time learning more about what it will take for employees to feel comfortable operating in a traditional workplace once again. Sons pointed to preliminary research that suggests that workers would at the very least expect their employers to have a sound "disinfecting plan" in place. She also has written another piece discussing all things Meta (the new Facebook), accessible at

This social media platform is slated to be an "immersive internet experience" that blends augmented reality, social media, and other nuanced technological advances to reenvision how people interact virtually. Many metaverse supporters view the interaction opportunities that this new platform offers as providing consumers with safe alternatives to keep the learning and sharing process going when in-person communication isn't possible due to this pandemic or future ones that are likely to emerge. Another article that Sons wrote detailed how a cryptocurrency conglomerate recently formed and raised over $40 million to purchase a rare version of the U.S. Constitution.

Sons pointed out that the processes (namely collective organizing) that unfolded leading up to this purchase could serve as a model for other important initiatives. Although it may seem like none of these topics are closely related to what the nursery does, they are. Enhanced cross-communication, collective organizing, and strategies for successfully running a business, including implementing a Covid-19 disinfectant protocol, are all things that have impacted how a company like ours has remained self-sufficient and will continue to evolve in the future.

TN Nursery's CEO Aims To Empower Other Horticulturalists, and Business Owners Sons are on the Forbes Council and a member of the Newsweek Expert Forum. These are invitation-only panels comprised of entrepreneurs, experts, executives, and influential leaders specially selected to share their valuable insight into different matters with others. She has regularly contributed thought pieces on horticulture-related matters for the above-referenced publications, including pieces about:

The uptick in popularity of hobby gardening Tips and tricks for reducing gardening expenditures by several hundred dollars Plants customers want to see nurseries carry in the fall When to plant to ensure spring blooms grow How the winter doesn't mean a pause in nursery sales

She has also written pieces for these publications imparting business insight, such as:

Ways in which businesses have stayed above water during the coronavirus epidemic How to effectively create shared experiences with new and existing customers How the Nursery and its CEO Can Help Your Accomplish Your Horticulture Goals There's nothing that compares to the expertise that you can gain from tried and truly practical experience and entrepreneurial know-how that a seasoned horticultural company and its CEO can impart. We'd be more than happy to share with you our nursery knowledge so that you can have a successful and happy garden!