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TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery 

Our top-selling states are TN, PA, OH, CA, and TX. 

TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery is a  wholesale distributor of beautiful, high-quality native trees, shrubs, and plants that are a lovely addition to any garden. In business since 1956, we have seen many changes in home and commercial gardening and landscaping.  TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery offers our customers a full retinue of native trees, vines, shrubs, sedges, grasses, and ornamental trees at reasonable prices. Our emphasis is on native plants with a focus on sustainability. The staff at TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery offers expert advice on hard-to-find varieties and plants that will survive in the sun or shade, with many products to choose from. TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery also offers custom planting services and can assist you in achieving the perfect vision for your home garden landscape.   


 TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery offers bare-root native plants from Black Locust, American Basswood, Witch Hazel, and Pussy Willow. Native Plants provide critical wildlife habitats that attract pollinating insects and songbirds back to our farms and gardens. 


TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery also carries gardening supplies, including mulches, bulb liners, gloves, tools, fertilizers, soil amendments, and planting soils. Native Plant Nursery provides fast shipping of live bare-root plants, seedlings, dormant rhizomes, tree seedlings, bulbs, grasses, and perennials. 


To be sure that your plant and tree purchase is worthwhile, make TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery your trusted source for all things related to growing a beautiful yard! Our catalog of over 500+ plant and tree species combined with over 40 years of horticultural experience makes TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery is your go-to for safe, healthy, ethically grown native plants that you can buy online or in person! 


TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery is located in Altamont, TN, the nursery capital of the world. Not only do we provide tips at our TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery location, but you can also locate us online via Facebook at or contact us by phone at 931.692.7325.


Reasons to do business with TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery. 


  • We grow the best plants!

 TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery takes pride in the plants we cultivate, and we think you will too. We grow everything ourselves locally in Middle Tennessee to ensure quality and consistency. We use sustainable and organic products to nourish the plants and aid in their growth, which is overseen by our agricultural scientist, whose job is to ensure that every plant grows into a strong, healthy specimen. 


  •  We carry plants for all growing zones!

 TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery has plants for all hardiness zones, making it easy to find great garden trees, shrubs, and plants. Let us help you select plants that are ideally suited to your geographic region and gardening style. Our full range of planting options ensures that you will receive plants that will thrive in your soil and lighting conditions to help you build the garden of your dreams


  • We are convenient!

TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery is a family-owned and operated business, so we understand that your time is valuable. Place your order by phone or online. We work 24/7 to get your plants shipped out immediately. You will enjoy our fast shipping options. Our dedicated customer service team ensures that every customer receives a great experience.

  •  We offer a variety of products!

 TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery also offers a variety of artificial plants and decor plant items for those who do not want to water or grow plants. Our wide selection of garden decorations, including statues, wind chimes, and bird feeders, might be just the thing your home garden landscape needs!


 TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery is the best option for your gardening needs. We are dedicated to giving you high-quality plants at affordable prices with fast and safe shipping to the continental US and Canada. TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery currently ship bare-root plants year-round throughout the lower 48 states. 


Become one of the thousands doing business with TN Native Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery. Contact us at 


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