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Moss Perfectly Selected For Ohio


We are a Tn nursery with many mosses shipped to Ohio, such as the sheet & carpet moss. We also have rock cap moss and much more.


If you live in OH and are looking for mosses, at TN Nursery, we have an excellent selection of mosses to choose from; we ship everywhere in OH!


We have a wide range of mosses that ship to Ohio. They are beautiful, easy to maintain, and can be used as ground covers or to fill in thin areas of your lawn.


Shipping mosses to Ohio: Not all mosses can be shipped everywhere. For instance, mosses for Ohio would be very different than mosses for California or Michigan. We strive to ship our plants in the best conditions possible.


We have many mosses native to Ohio and make great additions to your landscape. 


We supply an extensive range of mosses that we ship and deliver to all local, regional or nationwide customers. We have a variety of moss plants, including carpet moss and others.


We make it easy to find the right plants for you at our nursery. Our selection of plants is simple and stylish enough to complement every decor theme.


Send the gift of Ohio plants and different types of mosses to friends and family in Ohio.


Mosses add a touch of elegance to any garden or landscape. They're easy to grow, need little maintenance, and come in every imaginable color, texture, shape, and size. Mosses need to be planted right away when you receive them.


With a great selection of eye-catching mosses and so many to choose from, you'll never run out of options! Each of these plants grows in Ohio, is easy to grow, and enjoys full sun. 


I have many variations of mosses that are great for making tea, brewing beer, and adding fantastic character to your Garden.


We offer many mosses such as sheet and carpet moss that thrive in Ohio and have excellent humid conditions.


Many plants thrive in Ohio, including mosses like a sheet, carpet, and pin cushion moss, an exciting landscape alternative to grass lawns or perennial gardens. It does not require mowing and provides other ecological benefits as well.


Mosses are fascinating plants perfectly adapted to Ohio's cold and wet conditions. Those damp, shady areas that bother most gardeners provide a nurse for mosses.


Whether you are looking for mosses native to Ohio or like to try exotic ones, we have them for you! We can deliver anywhere once you know what kind you want.


Please ask us questions. We are a small nursery in southeast Ohio, and we ship plants to Ohio and surrounding states.


We specialize in creating garden spaces for year-round enjoyment. We hand select each moss variety to ensure it is suitable for the Ohio climate and soil environment. We include detailed care instructions for each type of moss, along with how to integrate moss into your current Garden.



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