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Perennials For Ohio - One of our best-selling states


Perennials For Ohio, we ship plants from our greenhouse directly to you. We specialize in low-maintenance, easy-to-grow perennials. We also carry a wide variety of Iris, Red Daylilies, Bluets, hepatica, and several more.


Plants for Ohio (Perennials ) Tn nursery has many perennials that ship directly to Ohio


Perennials For Ohio offers plants that are well suited for Ohio gardeners. All plants are shipped directly from Tn Nursery in the spring and fall of each year.




Visit the website to see a large selection of perennials. You may purchase or save for spring or fall shipping. Also, visit our informational pages about perennials and how to care for them.: The iris will ship bare root in the spring.


Perennials For Ohio are available on our website. The following list contains many perennials that grow well in Ohio's climate.


Perennials For Ohio is an excellent resource for finding the Ohio State perennials to make your garden a fantastic botanical retreat. Some of our annuals and perennials are ideal for working as ground covers or plants that can enhance landscapes.


Our perennials bloom yearly, bringing a new dimension of color and beauty to your garden.


Plants for Ohio (Perennials ) We ship Iris perennials, Red Daylilies, Bluets, hepatica, and more. Many of our perennial plants are cold-hardy. Customers from Ohio have had great success with our plants. Please look at the varieties we offer in Perennials, Roses, Iris, and many others on our website.


Our goal is to provide our Ohio customers with the finest in perennials so you can enjoy them too. We have years of experience selling perennials that have had success in Ohio. Many perennials fail in Ohio, and we try to avoid those plants. Tn Nursery has many perennials for sale online with fast shipping and outstanding service.


We have a large selection of daylilies at TN Nursery. Our daylily catalog is constantly growing with the newest introductions on the market.


If you choose O'Toole to provide plants for your home, we can ship our perennial plants directly to your location. See below for more information. (NOTE: Please refer to the hardiness zone map at for complete zone information.)



Find a perennial you love, and we ship it directly to your door!



 These hardy perennials can weather the frost in the winter and the hot summer in Ohio. These plants will give you a gorgeous garden all year long, from colorful spring blooms to summer and fall foliage!


Perennials make excellent additions to gardens and landscapes because they typically live three or more years. Spring, summer, and fall flowering perennials come in various colors, sizes, and textures, making the possible combinations endless. Perennials also provide much-needed habitat for various butterflies and bees.



Much of the joy and beauty of flowers depends on their color, but in the case of groundcovers, such as blue phlox (Phlox divaricata), you can have it all: blossoms, foliage, and convenience.


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