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Some of the few are Virginia pine, American Beech seedlings, and our best-seller white dogwoods.



We sell many seedlings for Ohio that grow in your area at Tn Nursery


At Tn Nursery, we have many different trees, but they all have one thing in common: affordability. Our trees are native to your area and grow well in your climate.

We at TN Nursery don't carry many kinds of plants or trees. Most of our seedlings and plants are native to the southeastern United States to improve ecological diversity, restoration, wetland mitigation projects, and use in parks, urban landscapes, golf courses, and private yards.

You're in the right place for 'Seedlings Plants for Ohio.' By now, you already know that you're sure to find whatever you are looking for on TnNusrsy.

Tn Nursery has the tree, shrub, or vine you want, where you want it, and competitive prices.

Plants for Ohio from TN Nursery. We can supply many types of trees that grow exceptionally well in Ohio. In the great white state of Ohio, we have some suggestions for plants and trees to grow on your property.

Welcome to the world of We help make your shopping experience as simple and easy as possible. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we'd love to hear from you.

The best-seller white dogwood tree is the most famous in the eastern United States,

Our Seedlings are great for your garden and climate. Planting guide on each seed, so you know when to plant.

Make the investment and plant seedlings this season! Plant those evergreen trees you've always wanted, or be a conservationist and add a windbreak with our seedlings.

American beech is a large shade tree with a thick, smooth bark that is gray and shiny when young, forming long strips that peel back on older trees.

TnNursery is full of rare, high-quality plants shipped directly from our farm.

All of our seedlings are grown here in Tennessee. We even guarantee their survivability. Check out tree species such as the Virginia pine or American Beech. Try one of our flowering trees, like the white dogwoods. Whatever you choose, you will surely not be disappointed.

Best Sellers Includes:

Pine Seedlings

Oak Seedlings

Maple Seedlings


We pride ourselves on selling plants that grow in your area.

We offer seedlings grown from proven stock and seed sources, whether you're looking for Dogwoods, Pines, Maples, Spruce, or Magnolias. Plants that have proven to withstand the ever-changing climate of Ohio.

All our Plants for Ohio (Seedling) are grown and shipped from our Nursery in Tennessee.

We've taken the guesswork of finding plants that thrive in your area. Our Plant Finder will help you pair our most popular trees with the perfect understory for a landscape that pops with color and vibrancy year after year!

Plants for Ohio (Seedlings)

Our wide selection of native plants provides a unique mix of beautiful foliage and flowers. Plants were grown in Ohio, supporting local farmers using sustainable farming practices and locally sourced materials.

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