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Vines Perfectly Selected For Ohio at Tn Nursery


At TN Nursery, we are pleased to provide you with a vast assortment of vines, including the Periwinkle, trumpet vine, and the Virginia creeper. Our vines come with free shipping and handling, so your order will arrive without delays.

TN Nursery provides vines that are used for many projects in your backyard. We have the most sought-after climbers like the Periwinkle, trumpet vine, and the Virginia creepers.


Affordable and Hardy Native Vines


If you're searching for a reliable vine to give your garden some natural beauty and color, look no further than the vines sold by the TN Nursery. Whether it's the Periwinkle, trumpet vine, or Virginia creeper, you'll find just what you need at our site.

Our vines come in great variety, from the exotic to the indigenous. Periwinkle offers delightful blue flowers, while the Virginia creeper is adapted to all parts of the country. Our vines available to you at TN Nursery are meant to suit every taste and situation.

Wondering where to buy native plants? You can't go wrong with TN Nursery. Our nursery is located in the heart of the state and specializes in providing quality plants for Ohio landscapes.

TN Nursery, growers of native and exotic vines, thrives in USDA zones 5, 6, and 7. Grown in northern Ohio in 1991. Satisfaction guaranteed - just read our reviews!

Vines are climbing plants that grow on other plants or structures, so they must be pruned and guided to provide a good shape. Depending on the type of climber, growth can be either vigorous or moderate to require support. Dutchman's Pipe, Trumpet Vine, and Virginia Creeper are famous vines.

Plant a vine in your yard, and invite wildlife and beauty into your home. Our vines come in wide varieties and colors, with easy care instructions to help you get the most out of your plant. Get started today.

A favorite American native perennial, Trumpet Vine, lights up the landscape in late summer with its brilliant crimson red trumpet-shaped flowers. Flowers appear on new growth, so they can be cut back in late winter to early spring without sacrificing bloom.


Vines are an excellent way to add more interest to your landscape with bursts of color and texture. At TN Nursery, you'll find various vines like the Periwinkle, trumpet vine, and the Virginia creepers. Our nursery still has some available for sale so get yours today!


The Periwinkle, trumpet vine, and the Virginia creeper are some of our favorite vines at TN Nursery. These plants bring drought tolerance and natural disease resistance to our yards. The trumpet vine even offers beautiful flowers during the warmer months.

Please browse our selection of vines like the Periwinkle, trumpet vine, clematis, and the ever-popular Virginian creeper.

TN Nursery is a family-owned wholesale nursery that ships vines throughout the United States.

The Periwinkle is a groundcover that can be used in mass planting as a flowering groundcover with reasonable weed control. They also grow well in full to part sun and anywhere from zone 6-10. The trumpet vine is widespread in cities and is planted for its beautiful red flowers on the vine. It grows best in the sun, zones 4-10.

Periwinkle is a low, trailing vine that covers the ground with lush foliage and 1½-inch, showy blue-purple flowers in spring and late summer. It quickly fills in even significant gaps between shrubs or trees. Attractive to butterflies.

Periwinkle is an evergreen vine that falls into the groundcover category. It has dark green leaves and lovely blue and white flowers.

Vines are vigorous growing plants trained to grow on fences, walls, mailboxes, or arbors. Some types of vines can even be used to make an attractive groundcover.

Please look at our selections for beautiful, bold colors in your garden or landscape throughout the year. You can discover plants that thrive in partial shade or sun. You can also see what is currently in peak season.


Vines for sale at Tn Nursery- Fast Shipping and affordable prices


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