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Touch Me Not Plant 3 For $11.99 Description

 Touch Me Not Plant is an annual reproduction from seed each spring

Touch Me Not Plant is an erect plant that grows two to five feet tall. It has pale green stems that are hairless and succulent, exuding juice when broken.

A member of the Buttercup family, This item is named for its leaves, which are covered with a coating that repels water. The plant ranges from 2 to 5 feet and has small, white flowers. It can emerge from seeds up to six weeks earlier than other native wildflowers, producing abundant blooms where little else is in bloom.

A perennial wildflower grows in fields and on roadsides. Its weeping habit, tall stature, extreme height range in the wild, and distinctive glossy green leaves with small teeth can be identified.

Touch-Me-Not Attract Hummingbird And Butterflies. 

 Touch Me Not Plant produces small, five-petaled flowers in clusters at the top of tall stalks from June through August. Flies are attracted to the bright purple flowers and pollinate them.

This plant is easy to grow, sun or shade, and has reasonably fertile soil. Since they produce a lot of seeds, they have spread from the few places where they originally grew. They form spreading patches by their rhizomes.

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This item is a flowering plant native to North America. The Cherokee used an infusion of its leaves as a fever remedy and poultice of its stems for rashes [2]. The Iroquois used a cold infusion of plants for fevers and rubbed the stems on insect bites to reduce itching [3]. While most sources today indicate that spotted touch-me-not is effective for the pain and itching of poison ivy or poison sumac. Caused by urushiol in the oil from the sap of these plants [4, 5], several other sources maintain that it should not be applied without first consulting your clinician or physician [6].

Touch-Me-Not Available with Fast Shipping. 

Reviews (4)

  • 4
    Touch me not plant

    Posted by Loren Billings on Apr 22, 2022

    I'm beyond happy with my product and the service

  • 5
    Touch me not plant

    Posted by Miranda Thornton on Apr 22, 2022

    I'm very pleased with this company, everything I have ordered has come back in excellent condition

  • 5
    Touch me not plant

    Posted by Ben Binkley on Apr 22, 2022

    I have ordered several perennials and they have all arrived in excellent shape. I'm very pleased.

  • 5
    Touch me not plant

    Posted by M. Gates on Apr 22, 2022

    good healthy bare root plants is what I have received. i have to say the packing of the plant is great.


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