Trees Provide Oxygen, Increase a Home's Value and Much More

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Trees

1. Red Maple

2. Tree of Heaven 

3. Red Dogwood

4.Mulberry Tree

5.River Birch Tree


Something about a tree-lined street, park, or backyard brings peace and beauty. Walking among a grove of Maple in the fall, sitting on a swing hung from a stately Oak Tree, seeking relief from the scorching sun under the leaves of a beautiful shade tree are some of the reasons for planting various trees.

Planting native trees have many positive aspects

Native Trees have, over time, adjusted to the climate and soil conditions. They require less care than other trees not native to the area. They are conducive to the wildlife, birds, and butterflies familiar to the city. Also, Native trees are resistant to diseases and insects prevalent in the area by adding beauty and food to the landscape without a lot of extra work or attention.


Shade trees are planted for a variety of practical and aesthetic reasons. Shade trees have been and continue to be used as an efficient way to help cold and protect homes. A six-foot shade tree can be expected to bring shade to windows during the first year of growth and begins to produce shade to the roof within about five years.


Homeowners often plant the mighty Oak Tree, and city planners, because their roots grow very deep and won't disturb Sidewalks or landscaping. Oaks can live for centuries. Oak trees provide shade beauty and require very little upkeep. 


Maple trees add beauty and shade to landscaping. The brilliant colors and the cool shade they provide are just a couple of reasons they are so popular. Maple trees are fast-growing and very cold resistant. They planted fall or early spring. Maple trees have varieties that fit nicely into small landscaping and much larger trees that need room to grow.

Flowering Trees add a great deal of interest, beauty, and shade to landscaping

They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. A flowering tree adds beautiful color and dimension on small lots without much space. On more critical lots bunching flowering trees add depth and variety. Flowering shade trees is an excellent way to shade and add beauty simultaneously. Flowering trees can be evergreen or deciduous. Planting a Native Flowering tree is ideal for adding color without worrying if the new tree will adapt. The best planting time and that's in the fall before the first frost or early spring.


Shrubs are lovely to add interest to the landscape; used to create the illusion of boundaries without fencing. Shrubs beautifully outline the entry and walkway of a home. Shrubs can look very formal by being kept evenly pruned. Want a more relaxed look to allow growth without pruning. They come in an evergreen variety or deciduous. It takes a few years of growth to form a full hedge. Follow the planting tag for spacing and upkeep.

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