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White Violets 3 For $12.99 Description

White Violets Are an Elegant and Eye Pleasing Piece to Your Garden 

 White Violets are a robust and reliable choice as an early flowering ground cover, making them perfect as a bedding plant to brighten your rockeries or borders. The hardy, the non-invasive plant will quickly establish itself in the garden when replanted and thrive in moist, shady areas where many flowering plants struggle. An excellent choice for borders or rock gardens, the white blooms appear in spring when the gardener's heart is yearning for flowers in their landscape and continue through summer.

Growing native plants is satisfying, healthy, and green. The White Violet has spent millennia growing in the wilds of Britain and the US, depending on its varying climate. This robust plant will take years to mature into showy flowers, making it well suited for home gardeners with limited space. It grows to approximately 50cm in height, fixing itself well in conditions similar to our British Isles homeland. This versatile plant will be happy wherever light is available, even amongst blackthorn gathered under an overhanging canopy, coming back strongly with minimal care if forgotten. Commonly called Violets in North America, these noxious-looking plants with their bluish-white flowers contain several toxic alkaloids that may cause breathing difficulties if accidentally ingested by humans or livestock.

White Violet Cove The Ground With Beauty and Color 

White Violets in some spots in our arid desert region, and native plants such as the white violet provide a beautiful contrast to the purple flowers of poppies. Its summer blooms are an attractive orange, yellow or white. That is a great houseplant choice for your indoor garden and valuable addition to any school or community garden. It grows naturally in poor soil, so it will not be invasive like other plants. Suitable for all USDA zones except 8a and 8b. A hardy perennial that does well indoors during cool winter months when regular water is provided through the growing season.

Take over your garden's wild areas with the White Violets. These 20 beautiful seedlings are blooming feverishly in their 4" pots, ready to take over shady corners in your yard and brighten up shady spots on patios and balconies. With their glossy, double-toned leaves and big, white blooms, these beauties will bring a splash of color to any garden. Allow six weeks of growing time for these sturdy plants to bloom.

 White Violet Here For A Low Price

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    White Violet

    Posted by Anthony Santaglo on Apr 25, 2022

    I was very impressed with my first time order. I will definitely be a returning customer,

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    White Violet

    Posted by Antonette Dickson on Apr 25, 2022

    My plants are thriving and beautifull

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    White Violet

    Posted by Emily Garrison on Apr 25, 2022

    I truly trust this company with all my plants. I have always got top quality bare root plants.

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    White Violet

    Posted by Regina Seagrum on Apr 25, 2022

    Very beautiful and top quality plants. I would definitely recommend


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