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Wild Ginger Plant - 3 For $11.99 Description

Wild Ginger Plant 

The Wild Ginger Plant or Asarum Canadensis is a perennial ground cover.

Part of the birthwort family, the Wild Ginger plant is native to North American eastern woodlands, Canada, Europe, and East Asia. This plant grows slowly and is terrific with other plants with flowers or as a ground cover. The Wild Ginger Plant requires sun for a few hours per day and can grow to 6-inches high. Wild Ginger leaves are smooth, dark, and textured. New plants produce tiny pairs of heart-shaped or kidney-shaped leaves in the spring. The leaves have a soft, hairy texture and are a light green shade that gradually darkens to medium green color when first growing. The leaves will grow 3" to 6" wide on a stalk that can grow to 15" tall. A single flower grows at the base of the stem in a tube shape. It bears no petals and is reddish-brown. 


Wild ginger care and maintenance

 The Wild Ginger Plant is deer-resistant and is also resistant to herbivorous mammals. It thrives well in moist, well-drained soil in light shade. The Wild Ginger will lose its foliage in the winter yet is prized for its unique flowers. The Wild Ginger is rare and has a growth rate of 2-3 years before establishing a beautiful clump. Wild Ginger plant can be used as a spice in some recipes yet is not the common culinary variety of ginger. The Wild Ginger plant flowers are at the base of the plant, hidden beneath the leaves, which helps early spring insects locate the flower for pollinating and food. Ants love to pollinate the Wild Ginger plant. After eating the fleshy part of the seed, the ant discards the hull, which grows into nutrient-rich plant waste.

Wildlife Considerations

The Wild Ginger plant also attracts the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly. This plant does not propagate well from seed, so the best way to grow your Wild Ginger plant in your garden is to transplant some rhizomes from a woodland location. Dig in early spring when new plants begin to emerge, plant in a good place based on conditions to form dense masses of the Wild Ginger plant. 

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    Wild ginger

    Posted by Andrea Rivers on Oct 04, 2022

    The plant made it safely packaged and in good condition!


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