Wild Plum Tree

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Wild Plum Tree Description

Wild Plum Tree 

The American Wild Plum Tree, or Prunus Americana as it is scientifically known, grows in many regions of the United States and Canada.


Growing a Wild Plum Tree is easy since this tree can adapt to many different climate regions. In addition, American Wild Plum Trees will produce numerous delicious fruits with minimal care since the tree thrives on neglect.

 The multi-stemmed Wild Plum Tree can grow 15-25 feet tall. A Wild Plum Tree in your home garden landscape will provide you with much greenery and fruit in season. Wild Plum Trees bear five-petal, white flowers in March before their verdant green leaves appear. Oblong knife-shaped leaves turn a brilliant red and gold in fall. The fruits are small, full of flavor, and are fantastic for making preserves. You can grow your Wild Plums Tree in almost full sun to partial shade in any type of soil that is well-draining, even alkaline and clay soils.


Wild plum care and maintenance

The Wild Plum tree shows a broad crown that leans to the side, so multiple stems should be pruned to create a central leader when the plant is first established. Thorny side branches can also be pruned away without hurting the plant. Wild Plums Trees have average water needs once they mature; however, young trees should be kept moist until the Wild Plum trees roots spread.




When you propagate your Wild Plum Tree, it will grow from seed or cuttings. Wild plums have a short life span; the only special care is regular water and pruning. However, wild plums are susceptible to tent caterpillars, so use fungal sprays to prevent problems early in spring.


Wild Plum Trees have preferences as to when they should be planted. Plant your Wild Plum tree in late winter or early spring when using a rootstock. Your wild Plum Tree will be dormant for the cooler weather, protecting it from the shock of transplanting. 

  A Wild Plum Tree in your home garden will bring you years of good fruit, lovely flowers, and greenery. So make it a staple in your garden today!

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Reviews (4)

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    Wild Plum Tree

    Posted by Grady Stews on Jun 21, 2022

    Nice trees and plants. I highly trust this company for all of my needs

  • 5
    Wild Plum Tree

    Posted by Bobby Santiago on Jun 21, 2022

    Everything was shipped as promised and I was verty satisfied

  • 5
    Wild Plum Tree

    Posted by Lisa Kay on Jun 21, 2022

    Awesome service and plants. I highly recommend

  • 5
    Wild Plum Tree

    Posted by Peggy Huntz on Jun 21, 2022

    Gorgeous and healthy plants


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