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Yellow Trillium 3 For $15.99 Description

Yellow Trillium 

Yellow Trillium plants are a member of the Trillium family of low-growing woodland flowers.

Most Trillium species are native to the trillium species native to the United States, and all species have central plants with its parts in threes: three leaves, three petals, and three sepals. As a choice for woodland or forest-style gardens, Yellow Trillium is an excellent consideration.  Yellow Trillium leaves are elliptical, oval, elliptical, lance-shaped, or diamond-shaped in a deep solid green with veins of various hues. Yellow Trillium leaves meet on the stem and whirl out from it. This plant's flowers can be cup-shaped, tubular, and with or without stems. Yellow Trillium will add a pop of color to your home garden landscape as a beautiful filler or ground cover plant.

Yellow trillium care and maintenance

Yellow Trillium plants are usually started by division or from a nursery container since starting this plant from seed can take years before you get blooms. Plant or divide Yellow Trillium in the late summer through early fall. Yellow Trillium grows in partial to full shade as woodland flowers since direct sunlight can burn this plant's foliage. Yellow Trillium plants prefer a temperate climate, and humidity is not an issue as long as the plants are watered. Yellow Trillium plants prefer neutral or slightly acidic soil rich in organic matter that holds moisture, similar to how they would grow in the forest. Maintain moist yet not over-soggy soil for your Yellow Trillium plants since soggy soil can result in root rot and other diseases. During scorching weather and drought, your Yellow Trillium plants will need more water than usual, or the plants will wilt.


Yellow Trillium requires a lot of organic matter. Fertilizer is not needed unless your soil is deficient. Compost or enrich the soil with leaf mulch when planting, and add a fresh layer annually in the spring. To bring lush pop of color to your home garden sanctuary, consider Yellow Trillium as an essential plant for your landscape. Buy Yellow Trillium today.

Yellow Trillium plants are now for sale at TN Nursery at a low price with fast shipping.


Reviews (4)

  • 4
    Yellow Trillium

    Posted by Latrina Basham on Apr 21, 2022

    We were very pleased by the wonderfully priced items as well as the quality of the flowers we purchased.

  • 4
    Yellow Trillium

    Posted by Travis Stockton on Apr 21, 2022

    We have enjoyed the spring beauty of the trillium. We now have all of the colors that you offer. We were pleased with the plants that we ordered.

  • 5
    Yellow Trillum

    Posted by Jasmine Sweeney on Apr 21, 2022

    One of my favorite spring flowers that I have ordered.

  • 5
    Yellow Trillium

    Posted by Betty Ballard on Apr 21, 2022

    We have ordered the different colors of the trillium from your company, and we were pleased with the beauty of each one.


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