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Ajuga Plant 3 For $11.99 Description

Ajuga Plant

Ajuga Plant, or Ajuga reptans as it is known scientifically, is also known as bugleweed or carpetweed.

This plant is an excellent deer and rabbit-resistant groundcover. A member of the mint family, the Ajgua Plant is an easy-to-grow; the low-creeping plant spreads rapidly. Sharing Ajuga Plants with friends and neighbors is an economical way to save money while beautifying one's home landscape. The Ajuga Plant is hardy, perennial, evergreen, and very pretty to view. This plant bears leaves in a rosette pattern and sends out runners with small little plants spaced closely together. The Ajuga Plant enjoys arable soil and reproduces rapidly with little maintenance.

Ajuga plant care and maintenance

The Ajuga Plant bears a beautiful purple flower stalk that appears in the spring. This plant thrives best in shaded areas or partial sun. No particular soil or fertilizer is required as long as the soil drains well. When placing in the ground, space your plants at least one foot to one and a half feet apart, and do not cover the crown of the plant with soil. Once established, natural rainfall is suitable for your Ajuga Plant, although you will need to water this plant in hot, dry conditions.



 The Ajuga Plant flower stalks grow six to eight inches tall, in various shades of blue to purple, although there are some pink and white varieties. This plant will grow in a draping fashion if planted over the brim of a pot or as a garden wall trailing feature.

You will want to keep it thinned out as a ground cover or a garden border. Mature Ajuga Plant runners sit on top of the soil and have relatively shallow roots, so cutting runners off of the main plant is easy. When the stalk flowers have dried up, cut the stalks off the plant down to leaf level using a sharp serrated knife. If grown under a tree or in an open lawn area, the Ajuga Plant stalks can be cut down with a lawn mower after the Ajuga Plant flowers stop blooming.

Hummingbirds and butterflies enjoy Ajuga Plants when in bloom, which occurs several times yearly.  Make the Ajuga Plant a staple in your woodland garden retreat for an eye-catching and easy-to-maintain burst of color all year.

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    Ajuga Plant

    Posted by Cecilia Washers on Apr 28, 2022

    These are beautiful ground covers. The flowers from last years are very pretty

  • 5
    Ajuga Plant

    Posted by Kipp Rimes on Apr 28, 2022

    Prime plants and great shipping

  • 5
    Ajuga Plant

    Posted by Jimmy Donaldson on Apr 28, 2022

    I really appreciated my recent order with the care with the plants that was shipped to me.

  • 5
    Ajuga Plant

    Posted by C. Pickett on Apr 28, 2022

    Well packed, well priced and beautiful plants


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