Barnyard Grass

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Barnyard Grass Description

Barnyard Grass 

Barnyard grass, or Echinochloa crus-Galli as it is known scientifically, is a wild grass originating in Asia.

Barnyard Grass is also known as barnyard millet, cockspur grass, barnyard millet, Japanese millet, and water grass. Barnyard grass is a species of Echinochloa and can grow 60" in height. Barnyard Grass bears long, flat leaves which are often purplish at the base. Most stems are upright and flattened at the bottom. The Barnyard Grass's distinctive feature is its seed heads which appear purplish, with large millet-like seeds blossoming from crowded spikelets. Planting Barnyard grass in your gardens as a backdrop behind flowers or mixed in with other grasses will enhance your garden's beauty factor.

Easily cultivated, Barnyard Grass can grow individually or in tufts. Flat, elongated, and collinear-shaped leaves whose color varies from purple to dark green magnify the grace of Barnyard Grass once it is in full bloom. Barnyard Grass bears closely packed flowers forming a knot-like structure in different bead-like colors. Yet the pale yellowish tint with sheeny granules is what makes Barnyard Grass an actual embellishment for your gardens. As barnyard grass seeds are only moderately persistent, rotation with perennial forage crops can reduce density.

Barnyard grass care and maintenance

Since barnyard grass germinates in warm environments, consider rotating it with winter grains that are more established. Plant Barnyard Grass when the soil is warm and moist, creating a false seedbed and leaving it for two weeks between tillage to flush weed seeds. Another approach is to keep the soil cool to discourage germination by applying a dense application of organic mulch early in the season. Barnyard Grass is resistant to a wide range of temperatures and proliferates in many seasons; however, it is best planted in the summer. Seeds are produced during the summer season, while colorful, pretty flowers glamorize your garden throughout the year. A distinct feature of Barnyard Grass is its potential to germinate for up to 13 years. 


Barnyard Grass will decorate your gardens with coarse stems, elongated linear leaves, and beautiful flowers for years to come.

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    Barnyard Grass

    Posted by Michael Garland on May 02, 2022

    I have been busy with my recent purchases. I very pleased with my healthy plants

  • 5
    Barnyard Grass

    Posted by Robert Sizemore on May 02, 2022

    All of the plants are so vibrant and healthy

  • 5
    Barnyard Grass

    Posted by Penny Graft on May 02, 2022

    My husband and I love the plants that we got last fall and we are impressed with our spring flowers we ordered

  • 5
    Barnyard Grass

    Posted by Diana Horton on May 02, 2022

    Always a great selection of quality bare rooted plants and a helpful website


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