Tree Seedlings


Tree seedlings perfect for restoration projects and plantings


You may know them as shade trees, fruit trees, or forest trees. But what you might not know is that tree seedlings are also used in landscaping for their ability to provide shade and filter pollution through their leaves. Below are some uses for tree seedlings in landscaping.


  1. Tree Seedlings Provide Shade


Shade trees are a practical solution to complying with a state regulation that requires non-native plants to block 75 percent of the sun from reaching an area. The shade can be beneficial because well-placed shade trees can reduce the risk of sun-induced dehydration and heat stress in your landscaping. Shade trees also have the added benefit of lessening the need for air-conditioning in your home, which lowers your energy consumption.


  1. Tree Seedlings Filter Pollution


Tree seedlings are often filtered by pollution in urban environments. Shade trees also play a role in protecting the local watershed by trapping rainwater and preventing runoff. This reduces the pollution of local soil and water. Planting a dirt tree seedling in your yard or garden can help reduce the amount of polluted runoff that makes its way into your home.


  1. Tree Seedlings Provide Number of Jobs


Tree seedlings have been used to create jobs throughout history in one form or another. Planting trees has been used to beautify urban areas and restore their ecosystems, but the resulting trees have also provided a source of wood for paper products and building supplies. More recently, tree seedlings have been used in reforestation efforts to restore areas that were once part of an ecosystem.


  1. Tree Seedlings Can Support Wildlife


Planting a tree seedling provides an opportunity to preserve and create a habitat for the local wildlife. Tree canopies are prime nesting locations for birds and small mammals, and the sturdy trunks of trees protect small animals that burrow underground.


Seedlings In Landscaping


Tree seedlings can be used for many reasons, including those listed above. The Arbor Day Foundation has compiled a list of the most popular trees used in landscaping for the shade, pollution-filtering, and wildlife-supporting benefits they provide when you purchase a tree seedling.


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