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Fern Plants make up one of the longest enduring plant groups on Earth, dating back to the middle Devonian era, millions of years ago.

Growing in many woodlands and natural settings that have moist soil and shade, Fern Plants have become a garden staple in many landscape environments. A graceful perennial, Fern Plants are easy to grow, low maintenance, and will live for many years given the right conditions and care. Ferns are disease and pest free, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and do not attract wildlife such as deer and rabbits. Wide Fern Plant varieties are native to a geographical location due to climate conditions in that region. Most Fern Plants are hardy and can withstand the harshest conditions, including drought to freezing winter.  Native fern Plants are a wonderful addition to your garden landscape and make an excellent choice as a central focus in your outdoor planting design. 

As a unique and attractive addition to your woodland style or rain garden landscape, Fern Plants look beautiful along a stream bank, cascading over a rocky outcrop, or as decoration to an old stone wall. Fern Plants will make your garden landscape a lush tapestry of color and texture. 

With dozens of beautiful Fern Plants to choose from, each one has its own unique character. Five types of Fern Plants that are well suited to home landscape and are best sellers at.TN Nursery includes the: 1. Fiddlehead fern 2. Sensitive fern 3. Lady Fern 4. Bracken Fern 5. New York Fern

Fern Plant Considerations

Most Fern Plants thrive best in partial shade and grow best in loamy soils that contain rich, organic matter. Though most Fern Plants can thrive in any soil pH, some Fern types grow best in acidic soil. Deep shade can sometimes make it hard to maintain a healthy, green lawn. Fern Plants can provide the greenery your home garden landscape requires, and once the Fern Plants establish, they will add an attractive feature to your garden that needs much less tending to than a lawn.

If your garden lacks shade, you can still enjoy the benefits of Fern Plants since some Fern Plants like the Hay-scented Fern Plant, the Bracken Fern Plant, and Cinnamon Fern Plants are sun tolerant if their roots are given adequate moisture.

If your garden landscape has drier soil, one Fern Plant that will thrive well is the Lady Fern. If very hot weather causes your Fern Plants foliage to get brown or wither, you can cut its fronds to the ground. Once cooler weather arrives, your Fern Plants will regrow, giving your home garden landscape the vibrant greenery it requires.

An exceptional addition to any shady garden landscape, use your Fern Plants as companions for other shade-loving perennials; your Fern Plants will look spectacular among hostas and bleeding hearts. To create privacy and add depth to your home garden landscape, tall Fern Plant provide enclosure, while shorter Fern Plants types are well-placed to soften the edges of pathways or outcroppings.  

For smaller urban-style landscapes in cooler climates, consider using Fern Plants in containers that you can place indoors during freezing weather. Ferns add a lot of oxygen to your environment as well as keep your indoor garden space looking clean and fresh.  A well-designed home garden landscape with Fern Plants as a central focus brings beauty and enjoyment and serves as a good investment, adding value to your property. Consider adding lush green Fern Plants to your outdoor or indoor home garden landscape today. You will be glad you did!

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