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Planting Zones 3-9
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Haircap Moss 

Haircap Moss, scientifically known as genus Hypnum, bears eighty species of moss.

This plant grows in dense green mats and is usually found in deciduous woodlands. When used in a garden, Haircap Moss adds a sense of timelessness and green beauty, making it preferable over other types of mosses. Haircap Moss establishes a thick dark green carpet as it ages. Its color varies in its hues giving your garden sanctuary appear lush look for many seasons after planting.

Care and Maintenance

The Haircap Moss plant reproduces uniquely since the male and female organs are either indifferent or the same plant. This sexual or asexual reproduction distinguishes Haircap Moss from other types of moss. Under favorable conditions, Carpet grass multiplies, making this plant one that will beautify your garden landscape with its velvety appearance. It is best grown on rocks or boulders, in a grassless area, or near a garden pond. It helps to prevent soil erosion and is beneficial to other plants.

Haircap Moss is easy to grow and can be started from spores or by dividing existing plants. When dividing existing moss, take a sharp knife and cut through the plant’s root system. Replant the divisions in a shady location in a moist potting mix. With regular watering, your Haircap Moss will establish new sheets very quickly. Grow Haircap Moss from premade sheets, crumble the sheet and plant.


 Haircap Moss prefers shady, humid conditions and must be watered regularly to maintain moist soil. Avoid overwatering, which can make Haircap Moss rot. While this plant is drought resistant, if your region has hot summers, you will need to water this plant more frequently.

Carpet this plant to thrive in different garden environments as long as its minimum growing conditions for growth are met. Planting Haircap Moss and properly maintaining it will make your woodland-style garden landscape attractive.

An elegant addition to your garden landscape, Haircap Moss will provide years of lush verdant green to your home garden space for many years.

Haircap Moss is now for sale online at TN Nursery.

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